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                          Duration of program: 4 years
                          Reduced program: 3 years

The career of a Fashion Designer is that of an artist knowing how to create clothes, to help everyone create their own style and bringing out their individuality. The new labels and brands are being created and developed at the modern clothes market by thousands of Russian designers whose fashions have great customers’ demand.

The Bachelor’s course in Fashion Design has been introduced at the Institute of Architecture and Design upon the initiative of Krasnoyarsk fashion designers. The course is supported by the academic staff of Krasnoyarsk Technical College, which is considered to be one of the oldest education institutions in design and clothes making and has been training specialists in this industry since 1953.

The Bachelor’s course in Fashion Design has a structured curriculum, which had been developed for the students to master the skills of costume design and image making. It is also focused on such practical studies as production sessions combined with drawing, painting and museum sessions to research the history of traditional Russian and specifically Siberian fashion designs.


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