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                          Duration of program: 2 years

The Master of Urban Planning Program at the Institute of Architecture and Design has narrow specialization - Urban Landscape Design. The ULD Program has gained distinction as a model for a highly personalized, active, and relevant educational experience within a large research institution for professional planning and urban landscape design practice. Through interconnected, seminars and studios students engage the core content of the major: community, environment, and planning for the cultural anthropogenic landscape. ULD curriculum includes studies in contemporary urban planning; recovering landscape architecture (“art of survival” of landscape urbanism; future forms and design for sustainable cities, other relevant studies.

Requirements for undertaking graduate-level study include a satisfactory academic record and undergraduate training in one of a variety of disciplines including urban planning and environmental design or other appropriate fields, such as geography, economics, or other social sciences, humanities, civil engineering and environmental studies, landscape architecture and architecture.

The graduates are to possess all the necessary specialist knowledge and professional skills to succeed in creating projects, scientific research, management, analyzing and pedagogical activities. For graduation students defend thesis or analytical project.


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