главная ИНФОРМЕР International ERANET MUNDUS/eng Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage

                          Duration of program: 2 years

Architectural restoration and reconstruction is focused on transformation and modernization of the historic environment in the cities to meet the modern requirements, preserving and discovering the historical and cultural importance of the architectural elements, complexes and historical settlements.

The Master’s Degree course targets at training socially important professionals to be able to discover and preserve the historical and cultural value of such heritage elements as monuments and architectural complexes. The course also includes obtaining professional skills in both heritage restoration and social and aesthetic improvement of historical territories.

The course provides with the professional knowledge and skills in architectural restoration and reconstruction, including the regional studies of Siberian regional peculiarities of 17-20 centuries with the emphasis on stone and, what is more important for Siberia, wooden architecture of Krasnoyarsky region, and introducing the techniques of document analysis. Being the key point of the course, the restoration projects are widely supported by leading project restoration organizations of Krasnoyarsk, Saint Petersburg and other historical cities.


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